Meet Kelli

A snow globe is a picturesque little scene protected in a bubble. When it’s shaken up, beautiful snow or glitter falls gently on the model inside.

Gazing through the glass, our life in New Braunfels looks (ahem, looks) like one of those scenes … married for fifteen years,  five children, white picket fence (literally) home, jobs we dig and a community that celebrates everything like it’s Mayberry RFD.

We are grateful for our lives … and we are grateful that the Lord is holding tight to our snow globe.  He better be holding us tight … we are finding out that He tends to do what a young  child straight from the souvenir shop likes to do … SHAKE IT UP.

We live in a state of “snowglobed” and are beginning to appreciate what it has to offer.   Some days it’s the simple shaking … schedules and expectations just not going to plan.  Some seasons it feels like the globe has been put in the dryer … the shaking never ends and we have no idea where we will land.

But we are grateful that no matter how much our Creator shakes it up, we can be certain of two things in our snow globe life:

*We are safe.
*There is a lot to be learned from the view.

So, come on in.  Enjoy the view from our snow globe … maybe it will change the views from yours!

Our Snow Globe Scoop:

The Boyd Bubble was established in 1998 when Kelli and Robert married.  They met at  T Bar M Camps as summer staff … where their lives were shaped in amazing ways by the Lord and the people they served with.

Libby, Jase and Allison all came within the first four years of marriage.  A few dogs, faithful friends, big o challenges and abundant memories have filled their hearts and home since then.   Roman and Mark completed our Team Boyd in January of 2016.

Kelli still continues to work for T Bar M Camps as Family Camp Director.  Robert is an engineer for the county, but don’t judge him … he lives by the camp rule, “don’t waste fun”!

untitled-8195*we tend to have a few extra folks grafted into our family … all the time.
Sarah and Sean are with us here, and in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Meet Kelli

  1. Kelli,

    You have always been my hero! Thank you for such gut-level honesty! God is using your words to usher reality checks in us all. Your new family additions will come to know Jesus’ unconditional love through you, Robert, and your precious three. Thankful you have answered your calling to blog!

    Lee Ellen


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