Don’t Throw Them Away


There are a few beads missing from this necklace. This occurred while they were being hit against the window by a young child in our home.  Hitting in our car. Throwing while I was driving.  Loudly with screaming.  (um, maybe, I am writing this too soon after the car ride.)

The beads were hit.  And then the necklace was broken.  And then the four year old was upset.


“When we hit things, they get broken, we can’t fix it.”

“But with tape we can.  Fix it.  PWWWWWease.”

“The beads can’t go back on …  but it’s still a necklace and we can still use it.”

After a very challenging afternoon with our four year old (and me pleading to God to drown me in patience for the irrational conversations he and I have) … I almost stopped in my tracks when I heard the words that came out of my mouth.

“The beads can’t go back on … but it’s still a necklace and we can still use it,” I said.

But God whispered, “My sweet boy … we can’t undo what you have experienced and seen in your short life so far, but you are STILL a child of God and you will STILL be used.” 

And it is true.  There are 30,000 children in Texas alone that are feeling thrown out like a set of broken costume beads.  Children who have been physically and emotionally “thrown up against a window” and a part of them is gone.  Tape won’t put them back together, the system that is working so hard FOR them won’t put them or their lives back together, a bunch of toys at holidays won’t put them back together. The fact is … there are parts of their lives that will NEVER be put back together.  But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a child of God or that they can not be loved and used by Him and for Him. 

Only Christ can show them WHO they are and WHAT their purpose is … They are His Children for His Good.   But He needs US … His Church … He asks us to be His hands and feet to show these children His love. 

Perhaps this was simply a moment I needed to keep on going in this journey we are on in fostering and parenting … or perhaps it is a call to the Church, God’s peoplelet us love these kids well.  They are worth it.  They. are. His.

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