The hike

Trail open. That’s what the sign said.


And according to the travel guide I read … the hike to Williams Lake was a beautiful, two mile walk in the summer. It even said we could see a little snow. Yea! This group of Texans was ready to go!

We were prepared for adventure. Backpacks were loaded with granola bars, water and bandaids. Everyone had a layer or two to adjust for comfort as we went. Spirits were high and excitement was brewing.

Much to the delight of our Texas eyes…we saw a beautiful waterfall, a babbling brook and snow quickly after we passed the trail head. Buddies were selected, guidelines were given. Every one found a walking stick for support. We were off!

Let’s take a moment to note a few things that we should have clued in to quickly…

1. Chacos (is what I had on) are great hiking sandals for Texas, but not in New Mexico in June because …

2. If we saw snow at the beginning of the trail, we should not have been surprised by the INCREDIBLE amount of snow as we hiked further on our journey.

3. It was going to be hard. We had a four and five year old with us and though we love to hike in the great outdoors, we were out of our element.

4. The trail (much to our surprise) was not visible.

Somewhere in the midst of these “aw dang” moments … my thoughts got a bit fuzzy. (shocker)

My thoughts were frozen …I suppose because of the hypothermia of my feet..
My “vision” was sidetacked by the distraction of constant wondering if this hike was even a good idea.
I wasted alot of quality proccessing time by attempting to hide the ready-to-tube dressed children behind me like Frauline Maria upon Captain Von Trapps arrival as we met the other hikers dressed in full Patagonia gear.

Despite the wandering of my thoughts and actions … we kept on going.

One step it seemed adventuresome and fun and the next it seemed we might need to reconsider. Each step had the wonder of what’s next and “what the heck are we doing” all wrapped together.

Have you been on this adventure before?

You have been told through prayer that the “trail is open”.

You are beyond excited about the adventure ahead. You’ve grabbed your support.

The trail is researched and the backpack of spiritual supplies is loaded.

And then you realize …
you are not prepared,
you can not see the trail and
this is going. to. be. hard.

But something … Someone called you to take that first step on to the trail. He continues to beckon to keep on going. Sometimes alone … sometimes with others … always with God.
He invited you on the journey. So there is no doubt, He is with you.

For us, raising teens in this world, fostering little ones, choosing to be selfless in marriage, being debt free, and the occasional not cussing in front of others is HARD.  Dang hard.  “I want out” hard.

For you, being single, deep grief, seeking employment, striving for reconciliation is HARD.

And yet for all of us walking with Jesus … we are all beckoned to continue hiking step by step on the unseen trail ahead of us.

Whining and encouragement and tears and laughter ebbed and flowed on our hike.  But in the end, we were glad we went. We learned more than we have even realized. And we trusted in the one that asked us to go with Him.


*We made it 1.5 miles up. Never saw the lake. One hiker we saw warned us that we would sink to our waist in snow … and that the lake was frozen. We were a little disappointed when we didn’t make it to the top…and a little relieved to have the okay to head down.

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