Oasis hunting : Day One

After our “snowglobed” year and most recent shaken up two weeks … we were in need of a retreat … a getaway … an oasis.

Robert and Jase had been talking about the beautiful spring fed pool of Balmoreah State Park for a year now.  They marveled at how unbelievable it was in the midst of the west Texas desert.

So, we thought it would be worth the three hour extra jaunt to break up our first days drive to go play in the pool.image

The drive from New Braunfels went great (though we were reminded that four and five year olds have no concept of time … “How much longer?!”).

We drove up to the lodge … not the oasis I imagined … but no Ogden, Utah thank goodness.  We jumped out of the car and ran into our room to put on our suits. As I walked in, it hit me … The key to the roof rack was on my key chain … In New Braunfels.

I will  let you imagine how the next few moments played out.  No bueno.

Thankfully, we could piece together enough suits and such with what was in the car.  Robert and the five kids headed off to swim while I ran into town to grab dinner for us.

i returned to find the Griswold family sitting on our porch.  The pool closed at six.  We arrived at 6:20.   Ugh.

It seems our oasis was just a mirage.  Somewhere in the midst of all the dissapointment our little team rallied.  We enjoyed (in the midst of some tantrums) an oh so small waterfall, an incredible sunset and robert trying to master selfies.

Not our ideal first night … But a great reminder of where to find our Oasis.

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