We Each Have Our Part

2014 343
4/5 of our family likes hiking and climbing and adventure. 1/5 is hesitant of such outings.

But we are a family that likes to do things together. And, well, it’s just more fun when 5/5 are glad to be where we are. It’s richer when everyone has a part of the adventure.

One particular hike, I could tell that 1/5 wasn’t digging her role … just hiking. (enter Holy Spirit to hand clueless mom a hint). I handed her the “good” camera and VOILA we had a family hike photographer. (and an amazing, thoughtful, intentional one at that).

four fifths

It’s cool when you see each member of your family doing what brings them joy and what benefits the moment so well.

It’s equally as cool when you see the body of Christ do the same. (check out 1 Corinthians 12).   Not feeling the call to adopt kids from Rwanda?  Then mow the lawn of those that did.  Can’t carry a tune in a bucket?  Then push the buttons on the sound board for those that do.  Gathering people in your home makes you nauseous?  Then take a friend for coffee and just listen.  We aren’t all called to do the exact same thing on this journey.  Heck, we won’t even all like the same parts.  But we all have some thing to contribute. And each part is as important as the next.

Find what brings you joy … even in places where you don’t want to be. I am pretty sure it will be a good fit.

if we all liked the same thing ... i wouldn't get really cool perspectives like this.

if we all liked the same thing … i wouldn’t get really cool perspectives like this.

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