Hell or High Water

When your daughter asks you to go to a concert (translate: take her/drive her/buy the tickets).  You go.  You make the arrangements and you go.  My mom did and it is one of the many things that I want to do like my mom. I laughed to myself several times at how different things were from the amphitheater at Six Flags where we rocked out to Amy Grant and Michael W Smith somewhere in the nineties … okay, eighties.

photo 4

So, we loaded up the car and headed to Big D for the Love Ran Red Tour where we would hear the talents of Rend Collective, Tenth Avenue North and Chris Tomlin.  (Confession:  I would have gone by myself to hear Rend Collective.  It wasn’t a hard sell from my daughter).

As Libby and friend sat in the backseat doing what teenage girls do … selfies, dubsmash and singing disney tunes, I was left to my own thoughts. 

Once the to do list in my brain was settled (Getting out of town is always hard for a mom),  my thoughts turned to deeper things. My heart was heavy.  Heavy for my friend whose niece has run away from home and is crazy close to human traffic circles.  Heavy for another friend whose dad’s cancer journey is at the end and he is ready for Home.  Heavy for the two boys that live with us and the decisions and neglect that got them to this place in their young lives. Heavy for our world as I saw some crazy tunic wearing man on a bridge in Waco banging two large sticks over the traffic.  It was eerie and my heart was heavy.   Have you ever felt that kind of heavy?  It’s hard.  It’s overwhelming. It makes one (or at least this one) long for Heaven … now. 

After a quick stop at my folks for dinner, we loaded back in the car to head to the concert.  I mean, we loaded in the car to out run tornadoes, floods and Texas thunderstorms.  Literally.  It was insane.  Libby was terrified.  Alexandra wanted to see a twister. I was putting on my best calm mom face while wondering if we were going to see Heaven … now.

Thank goodness, the storm broke and the sun shone.  It shone beautifully … and once again I was looking toward Heaven. 

So … with alot of heaven on my mind … the concert began, and so did my soul’s refilling. My mind  began to refill too … in cliff note style, of course.

Chapter One:  We are willing to go through hell or high water to get where we want to go.  (Granted, we literally went through those to get to this concert.)  But life can feel alot like hell and high water … like heavy and hard … but we will go through all of it .. because in the end, we want Heaven.

Chapter Two:  Oh my.  I love to people watch.  And this concert had plenty.  Everyone was there.  The young. The Old.  The Hip.  The not so Hip.  The performers.  The watchers.  The Sitters. The Standers.  And that’s just what I saw from the outside.  I almost got a little giddy when it hit me that every single one of them belonged there. Just like Heaven …  the cross section will be insanely radical in differences. And we will all belong.

Chapter Three:  I am a rebel. Sorry, Mr Tenth Avenue North, when you tell me to raise my hands …  won’t. I don’t know why this is what I choose to rebel in.  But it is.  Forced Hand Raising and a few other things are on the list.  Weird, I know.   But on my own terms, I can not wait to raise my hands towards the Lord that saves me.  

Chapter Four:  I had self control.  For once.  The man behind us was worshiping to his own beat, note, and tune.  He was on his own stage.  Not only did I have self control not to turn around and look … but I didn’t say anything either.  It drove me crazy for a bit (a long bit) … then it hit me.  Duh, Heaven.  We will all get to worship however we want.  Like the worship leader extraordinaire behind me or the sweet sweet little older couple who sat and held hands the whole time in front of me or the beautiful two teenagers beside me.   We will all be worshiping in our own way.  Except none of us will be bugged by each other.  Yes!   It sure was more enjoyable when I took the perspective of Heaven.

Chapter Five:  Man, am I thankful for all of these groups that place words on our tongues and in our hearts that remind us of what is right and true. Chris Tomlin is without a doubt the Psalmist of our day.  When the “hymns of old” just don’t stick in my kids minds … a tune by Chris Tomlin will … and it is straight from God’s Word.  Thankful that these guys are obedient to God.

Chapter Six:  My heart and perspective was different when I left.  I was not near as heavy or bothered.  We had spent a significant amount of time worshiping God.  And that is exactly what He wants us to do all. the. time.  When we worship Him, whether in song or word or action or thought … our perspective will be lighter.   “Turn your eyes upon Jesus … and the things of life will grow strangely dim.”  

When we keep our eyes on He who is in Heaven, we will be changed.  Our lives will look different to ourselves and to others.  Let’s step into His presence a little more often.  Come hell or high water … let’s look to Worship Him.   

Chapter Seven:  Chris Tomlin had a question and answer time at the end.  People tweeted him questions.  It was a great idea.  What if?  What if we got to do that in Heaven. Man, that would be so fun.  Except we would just have to “think” a question and God would answer it.  Even Cooler.

Chapter Eight: Disclaimer:  Just one day after our return home,” hell and high water” in my heart returned.  This time, I remembered to sit and dwell and look for His perspective.  And ten minutes after I re positioned my heart, I dove back into the torrential water. Dang it.  I am not saying it is easy by any means.  I am saying that it is imperative.  Choose to Worship Him.

Sure, I am ready for Heaven … some days more than others.
But until then, hell or high water, let us stay focused in our daily Worship
and give folks plenty of glimpses of Heaven on earth.  

photo 3

P.S. So glad we went.  And I am glad my teen still wants to go to a concert with me (or at least wants me to pay and take her), I love to stand shoulder to shoulder with her singing together.

3 thoughts on “Hell or High Water

  1. Oh man the story here….thanks for telling it. We all need the reminder to look toward heaven. Good stuff Ms Boyd! And there is no better place for writing in your head than a long drive huh?


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