Highway 101

Robert always had a “pie in the sky” dream of driving California’s scenic Highway One … in a convertible … so he could look at his bride with the ocean as the backdrop.  (swoon).

So, on our honeymoon we did that.  But with fog.  “Could barely see his bride” kind of fog.  “Didn’t know which way the turn was going to take” kind of fog.  “Expectation stealing” kind of fog.   He was bumbed, to say the least.

Fifteen years later, we started down Highway One.  This time in a SUV, with three kids and high expectations.  And fog.

We giggled at the irony.

We are beginning to believe that fog on Highway One is inevitable.  It is what we should expect.  And we believe the same thing for our days … the view in life isn’t always clear blue and the turns are often unknown.

I appreciate that from the start of our marriage fog has been present.  If we saw everything clearly and as we expected, we wouldn’t depend on each other and we certainly wouldn’t depend on our Lord.

So, here’s to turns in the road, foggy roads and the surprises that comes when the fog lifts.


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